Monday, September 27, 2010

The first vent

Calling all parents out there with babies who don’t sleep through the night. Or wait…am I the only one? Nah, can’t be. One of the biggest conversations/questions in any book I read or site I go on. It’s been approximately 7 months since I’ve had a full nights sleep. I would be happy with 4 hours never mind a full night. Everyone says “nap during the day with them”…sure. And the dishes, laundry, vacuuming, dusting, bathroom cleaning – well that’ll all get done by itself right? Never mind that just having 15minutes/half hour to yourself to, I don’t know, eat? Watch a guilty pleasure TV show you taped 2 weeks ago?

Then there’s the experts who weigh in – you know – you ask your friends for help cause your not sure you know what your doing. “Just let her cry” they say, “It's your job to teach them and that begins now” Thanks, I needed more guilt to add to the stuff I felt yesterday for letting her watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse so I could finally have lunch at 3pm.

No, I can’t let her cry. You want to know why? I read all the books – including the ones on attachment parenting. The ones that say if they stop crying it’s because they’ve given up. They say babies all have different personalities and eventually, some simply say to themselves,  “fine, no one’s coming…guess no one loves me…guess I’m all by myself in this big old world” This is what I think she is saying now every time she is screaming blue murder in her crib at 11, 230, 430, & 6am. That is why I go in. They say it completely affects your bond. Who knows thought right? My mom says she let me cry…wonder if that has anything to do with our relationship….

But I don’t judge either. Those of you who can do the “cry it out’ method – I really look up to you. It seems to work for many people. And there are the really awesomely lucky people who have babies who sleep well from the get go. Almost makes me want to put some validity to the whole – “I’m doing it to her” theory. But then what would I change? I’ve tried timing out her naps to know exactly when she should go down and that changes all the time. Maybe I gave up too soon? The whole sleep begets sleep thing – try that all the time. I make sure she naps but she is like clockwork at night. I can almost set my clock to her.

Sometimes the soother is enough; sometimes mamas got to feed her. Either way I am up. Yep, she’s napping right now and I’m taking the opportunity to write this. Took me almost an hour to get her down but I think that has more to do with the teeth she’s getting than anything else. Oh wait…she’s up and sad…

Sigh…this was still good therapy 

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