Monday, October 25, 2010

And she sleeps...but I didn'

Last night was a record. 715 to 5am. But of course I woke up whenever she stirred. 10, 12, 3 :) Ah well, she did good. I'm sure I'll sleep right through eventually....maybe...if I don't change my mind about this whole thing. Oh, and this meant that 5am she was raring to go. It took a LOT of persuading on my part - aka - bringing her to bed with us and nursing her so we could at least sleep till precious girl.

So I'm reading this book called Let the Baby Drive. Of course, it seems first...then we get to the part where a friend says she's sleep training and I swear there is 2 pages dedicated to why she can't do this and how she wants to scream at the mother - he's a baby, he needs you, he needs something, your neglecting him, your ruining all the trust he's come to build on people. AND the guilt sets in. Am I putting my needs over hers? Even though, with more sleep she has been a happier baby during the day. She does cry. I never let her cry long and in fact for her nap today I had to calm her before I could leave the room. I couldn't do it. Could be a set back but you know, I have to follow what I feel.

The other night she was awake for almost 2 hours at 3am - I'm convinced it's because of teething pain or gas. We gave her gripe water first, then gave in to Tylenol. Took 45 min for it to kick in and even then she didn't sleep too long. Those are the times that I can't handle letting her cry - what if she's in hard to know...ah this tangled web of motherhood.

One of my buddies has a newborn at home now. Going to see them tomorrow and help anyway I can. I remember those days. Although the first few weeks were kind of like...huh...this is easy....all she does is there did a changing.

Ah the little monster is up from her nap.


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