Tuesday, October 12, 2010

May just have to change my blog name....

So, the sleep training continues. Honestly though she never cries longer than the 15 minute block, unless she's really not going to nap. It's almost like all of a sudden she was ready. So very glad I waited till she was older to start this stuff. She'll start crying, i'll watch the clock for 5 minutes to pass and it will only take 3 most times. She still wakes up at 530 sometimes and I cuddle her up in bed with me till 7 but this morning she made it right till 7. She went to bed late because we went to watch Daddy's hockey game so I'm thinking that might have something to do with it.

Reading my first post I think, wow....I really again do hope that she's not giving up on me. She doesn't seem any different during the day really? I still feel very connected with her, maybe even more so because I can function fully and properly. Those friends they say she's doing well during the day because she has a little self-esteem now, confidence, independence - she's proud of herself. Well, I don't know about all that but I know I can still make her laugh. I'm right there beside her all day long to show her our world and pick her up when she falls. Always will be. 

She is very adaptable. She's even battling a crazy cold and I still only really needed to get up with her once last night. Course...at 3am her wave machine alarm clock decided to change stations to a old time country music station because somehow I set the alarm to go off with my foot last night. It didn't wake her but it woke me :) I tip toed in there to change it and turn the alarm off but was struggling with that. She was moving about and one of my breasts was potentially about to explode so, I picked her up and asked her to eat. Might have moved us a bit backwards but hey, she slept till 7 so I'm a happy gal. Turns out 4 hours uninterrupted sleep makes for a not so sleep deprived mom ...huh....

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