Friday, March 29, 2013

My first Blog Dare post - Sunday March 17, 2013 "She's strong..."

I have a few close girl friends and they've all been through things. But I have one friend who's strength continues to astound me. She's strong because she doesn't just deal up her own problems but others come to her, pretty much on a daily basis. People ask her for advice, they lean on her, & they trust her. Even when she's going through her own battles, she helps others. Her advice is always sage, honest, and she makes people think but she also takes some of their pain on herself.

Sometimes I wonder how she bares the weight of it all. I worry about her the same way she worries about all of us. I've leaned on her many times and I would trust her with my life but looking back, I'm realizing I need to return the favor more often. I get caught up in myself and don't ask her often enough how she is. I talk more than I listen and even though she's strong, she deserves more from me, more from all of us.

She's one of the most amazing women I know. I don't have any siblings, so I've adopted her as my sister & look up to her like no one else. She sets an amazing example of humility, strength, love, motherhood & perseverance.

She's strong, but as part of this sisterhood of women, I need to recognize she needs to fill up her cup sometimes too. I'm going to be more aware go forward and focus on giving as much, or more, than I get.


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