Saturday, April 27, 2013

This Blogging thing is just for fun right?

I recently attended a panel discussion, mom's night out event called Mama Blogs. It's an annual event hosted in Edmonton by Modern Mama. There were 3 amazing mama bloggers invited to speak to us about monetizing your blog as well as how to keep it interesting. It was really inspiring to hear their stories and how they have followed their passions to create these amazing blogs. I love the fact that they are local mama's and I follow them on Twitter, Facebook, everything because the stuff they do is just awesome.

I look at my blog more like a diary. Granted a diary any stranger could read so I certainly keep it PG and try not to sound like a big whiner all the time. I even have diary in the name. They suggested every blogger should buy their domain name and a lot of them use wordpress rather than blogger. I contemplated moving over but I'm so comfy As for buying the domain name, my husband would laugh at me, quite frankly. Plus I don't know the first thing about websites so not sure what to do with it after that.

I know I've recently gotten a few more followers - THANK YOU! Any advice for a novice who doesn't really want to monetize, just look more legit?

- Chris


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    1. Thanks Ellen! You are quite the inspiration!

  2. hello again! I just came from bloggy moms where I commented on your post. I love how clean your blog is, mine is a little, well, cluttered, definitely made it mine LOL I, too, blog as a way of therapy. Boy is it cheaper :) We have other things in common--I do not cook, hate cleaning LOL Following your blog!

  3. Sounds like an awesome and informative event. I use Blogger too - I hear all the stuff about Wordpress being "better" than Blogger but I don't think I would ever find the nerve to move over. I feel so comfortable in Blogger land.

    Advice on blogging? As long as you love it and you enjoy doing it... that's what's most important.

    Wishing you a lovely day.