Wednesday, May 22, 2013

I Just Don't Get It

My city is mouring the loss of another little life this past weekend, allegedly, due to impaired driving. I've also heard of at least 5 highway collisions that resulted in 5 fatalities. It was a long weekend but maybe it's wrong for me to make an assumption that one, some, or all of those, were due to drinking and driving.

I'm not getting up on my soap box and telling you the plans I make or what you should do. We all know it. What am I thinking of, is, my beautiful babies sleeping in the next room and connecting with the family. I couldn't stop bawling the night I heard. I went from crying to pissed off. The anger. My god, how does anyone handle this kind of thing? I want that person to PAY and it's not even my son. Who makes these kinds of "mistakes" anymore? How do these "accidents" continue to happen? How, in the world, do parents keep going?

It does not matter the age of the victim, It's a life, gone, just like that, because someone figured they could still operate a vehicle. It became a weapon. There is so much death and destruction in the world that's caused by things beyond our control. This is NOT one of those horrible things, this is something else. A conscious bad decision made by one person has now completely changed other people's lives and stolen from them.

I'm not a strong person but any strength I have, I want to send to that family, to any parents who have to survive their children's death due to some strangers stupidity. This whole thing is madness.

As I read the article on that has quotes from the little boy's mother, at the court appearance, I'm crying again.  

And, I just don't get it.



  1. I have nominated you and your blog the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. Hope you accept! This is one of the easier awards to pass on. Thank you for being an awesome blogger and i just love reading your blog!