Saturday, May 18, 2013

If I ever won the lottery...

We've all had the fantasy's and it's the long weekend so I'm having some fun. The amazing daydreams about what we would do if we won a tonne of money. Now, it depends how much money, really on what I would do but lets pretend for right now that money is no object. Let's also keep in mind that this is not in any particular order of importance.

The Responsible List
- put money away for my kiddies, college etc.
- buy my parents & in laws 2 beautiful houses on a lake in the mountains
- pay off the house we currently live in
- Make a date with a Financial Expert
- pay off any remaining bills

The Philanthropic
- Give money to the Stollery, I have kids, nuff said.
- I have this dream where I buy all the animals from our SPCA and set them up on a farm, which I then live on but I'm thinking it's more realistic to donate money and volunteer. I'll have lots of time on my hands. Thinking I would foster animals too if I could.- Give money to the Canadian Cancer Foundation, my mom's had 3 or 4 different kinds so this one is close to my heart.
- Hit Toys R Us and let the kids pick out toys for Santa's Annonymous, this would be an annual thing & we'd do the same thing at a local grocery store for The Food Bank.
- Pay off some friends houses. Who better than those close to you to help? 

The Completely Selfish
- buy land, and build our dream house
- buy an Aston Martin Vantage for me and a Cadillac SRT Wagon for the hubs. My recurring dream here is driving it to his work and surprising him with it when he doesn't even know we've won any money yet.
- Invest in my job. Might sound silly but I wouldn't want to stop working all together because I love it so much and think I've found something that I was meant to do. I would throw money at it so that we could build something amazing, and world renowned without having to think about margins or costs.
- Buy my husband a business. He wants to learn to restore vehicles, and he's already adept at customizing. I'd find the best in the business, surround him with talent, and pay them to teach him but he would be the boss.
-  Buy the kids the biggest, coolest play set, bouncy house & trampoline I could find.
- shop on Whyte Ave, buy anything I want for me, hubs, kids, and bring friends to buy stuff for and take out to eat. Gosh what a day this would be.
- hire a house cleaner, maybe a cook too.
- have a big ass party somewhere exotic where I've purchased a "winter place" and pay for all the friends, their kids and my family to come. 

Then I'd just live. Enjoy every moment with my children, the smile on my husbands face when all the stress is lifted from his shoulders and play with my many animals. Oh and work in there too but that's just as much fun!

Wow....that was really fun. I know my selfish list is much longer than the other two but this is just the beginning. I promise to be a good citizen, give whenever I can, volunteering or money, I know I'm forgetting some that I've oft thought of helping. Try not to judge as this is a "just for fun" post :)

It's not happening any time soon anyway but a gal can dream.

Now back to reality, little man appears to be up from his nap. :)


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