Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Mothers Day Means To Me

I am a mom who works from home. I am incredibly lucky. We get to plan play dates & attend classes during the day, coffee with friends and I fit meetings in when I can, sometimes with kids in tow. People understand because of the industry I'm in.
There are days when I feel completely overwhelmed. I have so much to do, I've got deadlines and our success, while paying me more (awesome), adds more tasks, which totally makes sense. I can work at night after the kids are in bed and I LOVE everything I do. There isn't a time in the day that my computer isn't loaded up, ready to go, answer an email, same with my phone. There are times when that overwhelming feeling causes guilt. Now, I can say my kids don't know any better, maybe they really don't and they are SO good. And yet, I wonder if I let them watch too much TV or if I don't listen well enough sometimes.
My daughter is a little over 3 years old, and pushing every boundary in the book BUT she plays independently very well. Two trains of thought on that one, it's kind of good, and kind of not great. She doesn't play a lot with other kids, she interacts but doesn't play. On the other hand she has an amazing imagination, and asks really thoughtful questions. My son, is similar, he's only 17 mnths so while he does play independently, he loves to rile up his sister too.
I would never judge another mom, ever, for her choice to work, stay home, work from home, as a mom you know what's best for your family.
Anyway, I digress. To me Mothers Day is about celebrating all moms. Celebrate yourself, moms! Following those moments of panic & guilt, I always think that no matter how I spend my days, I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I bet you are too. :)

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