Monday, June 24, 2013

Staycation in YEG Day 1

We have a 3yr old and an 18 month old, so this year when the hubs and I talked about what we were going to do this year, staying home was a really glaring option. Packing things up with two kids who like their own beds and routine make a relaxing vacation not impossible but certainly difficult.

We actually started our Staycation last Monday. Hubs gets a weekday off when he works a Saturday so we decided to do one of the items on our to-do list. We headed off to Fort Edmonton Park, a very popular spot in our fair, lovely city. My husband has lived here his whole life and he swears he's never been there. I thought that was crazy so both my boys, had their first train ride, EVER, that day.

 We got off the train and first thing we did was check out the Fort itself. The kids loved walking through and we tried to explain that this was how people used to live. As we walked towards the Ottewell Homestead,  Daddy spotted the sign for pony rides. Needless to say, tearing DD away from that was like pulling teeth.

We walked all the way through the town stopping at the Jasper House for some homemade cookies and a sticky bun. This gave us the energy to get back to the entry gates. By then, the littles were too tired for the Midway but next time I think we'll start there.

Now on to today.
Our plan was to have no plan for today. It's really the first day so why not just relax? The kids got up at the crack of dawn like usual, but this time there wasn't the mad rush to get them to eat their breakfast. I wasn't concerned about booting up the computer, checking my email and logging into all the social media I manage.I actually slowed down. Now, we did have my boys 18 month shots so we had to get out the door for that but I didn't have anywhere else to "be". When I got home, we decided it would be the perfect day for a picnic. After my son had a little snooze we packed a few things, picked a park and headed to the grocery store for some extra stuff. We chose to go to Hawrelak Park, mostly my choice, I love it because I know there is a little lake, shade if you need it and lots of open spaces too. First we had a little snack.

But of course this didn't last long because the littles were mesmerized by the lake. There was a motor boat doing something on it too so the only thing that distracted my son slightly from that was Vanilla Milk to Go.

We walked down and my daughter noticed people feeding the ducks.

So then of course we had to go back to the table and get some crackers. The ducks were pretty full but then we saw the babies.

One little guy was crazy about the crackers. Came right up on the grass. DS couldn't understand why he couldn't pet him though and ran him off a few times. :)

It really was a most amazing day. All we spent was a little gas and the cost of some groceries but we got what we needed today. Some family time, no stress, vitamin D, and enjoying the beauty that is our city. Right now the littles are enjoying one of the longest afternoon naps they've had in a while.

Thank you Edmonton for wide open spaces.


  1. Still have to make it to Fort Edmonton park with the kids! Looks like a great, relaxing day. Yeah for #staycations

    1. Thanks Ally! Yes, its so fun but I almost wish they didn't need naps so we could stay all day!