Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Staycation in YEG Day 2

On Tuesday, we decided to visit the Royal Alberta Museum. My husband hasn't been there since school and I really wanted to check out the Art of Seating exhibit. I also knew the kids would love running around, looking at and touching things. I don't think I really expected just how much they loved it though. The bug room was a particular favourtie of my 3yr old who screams when ants come close to her. My son wanted so badly to pet the snakes and the big wilderness animals that I thought he was going to have a fit but he was just so happy to flit on to the next thing of his own accord. They even enjoyed the seating exhibit but of course, wanted to sit on some of the neat looking chairs. The dinosaurs were a treat too. My 18 month old son just kept saying..."Wow".

It was such an amazing day. I took lots of pictures but here are just a few!

Even one very cool video of a feature we had a hard time tearing them away from. I've heard they have something similar in Old Navy stores. Regardless, I think I need a "dry coy pond" like this in my house for times I just need to get some work done. It confounded my husband who is still wondering how the heck it works.

And then we left. They were both exhausted from the adventure!
We went out for a little lunch and they had the best afternoon nap ever. After that we just hung out at home. Our second day was awesome, and when the kids hit the sack, hubs and I had some beer in front of a movie. The movie wasn't anything to write home about, but the quality time we had that day was the best yet.

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