Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Staycation in YEG Day 3

I'm always on the lookout for free fun. In most cities, the big shopping malls, libraries, or rec centres, have activities or special events for families. You just have to keep your ear to the ground.

In Edmonton, there's even some week day fun to be had with Kingsway Mall launching their Kids Play, monthly events. Today's Staycation plans including checking out their first event. It ran first thing in the morning so we were at the mall by 9am, enjoying some awesome entertainment in the way of a comedy magic show from a gal named Rainbow. DD laughed a lot and being that it was such a great turn out, she fed off the other children. Screamed when they screamed, laughed along with them and had a great time. When that was done, there was a dress up photo booth that we took full advantage of, being the goofs that we are. There was a few story's read by a local radio host and then a tea party. Complete with iced tea and yummy treats. Of course, we couldn't leave the mall without hitting the Disney Store as well so headed there once the little's got restless. ;)

We came home, had some snacks and then enjoyed our back yard. Today was a beautiful, sunshiney day in Edmonton so we took full advantage. There isn't much for toys in our back yard but I find they don't need much to enjoy themselves. This gave me the opportunity to work on a little DIY project that I've been meaning to try. I don't fancy myself any kind of expert. I tend to try things without reading or looking up any instructions, just fly through things how I think it should be done. Add in very little patience to this and usually it's a disaster. Today, I don't think it turned out too bad. We have a play table in our play room with Dora and it's kind of grungy and chipped up so I've been meaning to try Mod Podging it. I never, ever have time but being on Staycation certainly has it's advantage allowing me guilt free time to try my hands at new things.

Last event of the day was an early dinner date night. I just wouldn't feel right leaving my children with strangers when I was away on vacation, all power to those that do - no judgment. Being at home meant I could be comfortable leaving my kids with our regular babysitters, my nieces. We planned for them to come by early so we could beat the supper rush. This allowed us to be at the restaurant as short a time as possible, and being home for bath and bed. It worked out perfect. We enjoyed a lovely, meal and then went to a couple stores to do a little shopping. One being Toys'R'Us....those littles never stray far from our thoughts. We still made it home in plenty of time for bath and are now going to enjoy a quiet night to ourselves.

Another awesome day filled with activities that make all of us happy, save money and keep us all sane too!

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