Thursday, June 27, 2013

Staycation in YEG Day 4

For day 4 of our staycation Hubby had asked if we could take his parents to the Reynolds Museum. He and his dad are hard core car guys. Hubs is currently working on his 66 truck and hardly ever watches anything on TV that isn't about vehicles, comes a close second. Being that the museum is only 30 min south east of the Edmonton International Airport and currently has their Fabulous 50's exhibit going on, it was a must have for the list.

First thing we got there, I was impressed because they actually had wagons for taking the kids around. Brilliant.

We toured around, looked at some awesome cars and then came upon the Farmhouse Play House, which was great because I hung out with them for a while in there while Daddy and the grandparents took a really good look at the cars. There was a "drive in" movie theatre, plus a little family craft area where you can make and race a paper car. We didn't take the time to colour it but we did take it home as a souvenir. We also checked out the Aviation museum that's connected via a lovely little walk.

There were interactive displays and they got to sit in cars and airplanes. Both my kiddies loved it and us adults felt like we were in the coolest place. Just so many neat cars, motorcycles, trucks, & even farm equipment, that you felt like you had stepped back in time.

On the fairly quick drive home the littles were a bit restless but the slept after we stopped to eat. We came home, they had proper naps and then we went to the park. My husband had a ball hockey game that night so I got some me television time which was kind of nice, I have to admit.
Another great staycation day complete.

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