Friday, June 28, 2013

Staycation in YEG Day 5

So this is our last official day of staycation. We have the weekend still and Canada Day which is great, coming back to work for a short work week but it went by super fast. I suppose most vacations do that. Today we played it a bit like Monday. We chose one thing to do in the morning and are taking it easy for the afternoon & evening. I may try to convince hubs to hit the splash park since it's so darn warm but we'll see how that goes.

What we did do today was take a friends suggestion and hit the beach. Now, I'm not sure how many beaches we really have around Edmonton but I do know that I had previously not heard of Wizard Lake. Even the name got my 3 year old gals interest :). It's about an hour from the West side of Edmonton, a little south east of Calmar and it's amazing. The water is really nice, for a lake especially and there is a park right beside the beach. I could see it being very busy but because it was around 10 on Friday, we had a nice little slice of the beach pretty much to ourselves. My daughter and son had so much fun just hanging out, getting their feet wet, playing in the sand and picking up rocks. My daughter has asked me about 3 times since we've been home when we are going back to the water.

I'm glad we ended our staycation with this. Water always helps me relax, so between that and the amazing heat wave we have going on in Edmonton, the day could not have been more perfect. I could use a nap but of course, the littles don't agree. :)

Whether you're finding your way across Canada or a more tropical destination, the US or abroad, I wish you safe travels, fun and relaxation. Here's to vacations, staycations and all the time in between. Happy trails!


  1. Sounds like you had a great staycation with your family. Love the pictures.